Consulting Excellence for Financial Services

We founded Parva Consulting in 2005 by combining the professional approach of management consulting with the domain knowledge of Financial Services.

We are a consulting boutique focused on the Financial Services industry and we work with our customers throughout Europe to effectively ensure the identification, design and implementation of customised solutions that enable them to deal adequately and promptly with the challenges of the market they operate.

Relying on our strong sectoral skills (including Asset Management, Wealth Management, Investor Services, Insurance, Credit, Fintech), we support clients in the management of end-to-end transformation, collaborating in the analysis and delivery of the right solution.

From our offices in Milan and Dublin, we are constantly striving to enrich our pool of skills, in line with the evolution and needs of the financial services market across Europe.

The best caddy

A good caddy knows the golf course being played, the features and the obstacles of any specific game field as well as the characteristics of the player himself –both strengths and weaknesses alike.

A good caddy is familiar with the whole course: able to determine the best strategy and the best shots to achieve victory.

Parva aims to be the best caddy for the world of Financial Services.

We follow and support our clients along the entire course.

Our Values


We always work with and for our clients with a positive attitude, and we do our job with satisfaction and dedication even under pressure. The pride for the results we achieved feeds the passion we put in whatever we do every day for our clients.


We show intellectual honesty and integrity, not just towards the company, but above all towards each individual. We respect other people’s opinions even when they are different from our own. We are always sincere and open-minded.


Success does not belong to any individual but to the group as a whole. Enthusiasm and quality increase when working together with a constructive, collaborative approach, even in high pressure situations. We share both successes and disappointments in order to grow together as a team.


We work side by side with our clients and put passion in the development and implementation of new ideas, new methods and new tools. We are ready for new professional experiences and new emotions. We try to find the best balance between the innovative value of our suggestions to clients and a pragmatic vision for the success of their business.


We are committed to steadily exceed our clients’ expectations. Both professionally and personally, our goal is to deliver excellent results. That is why we devote all our energy to satisfying the client and the project.


We never want to stop learning. It is our duty to put each person in the team in a position to learn and to encourage others to do so. Learning in the presence of challenging situations, sometimes even by making mistakes and transforming errors into opportunities, is a decisive factor. All of us want to learn, innovate, grow and help others to do so, taking advantage of our own experiences and those of the team.

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